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We are looking for highly motivated and creative students and postdocs with a strong background in systems biology, molecular biology, immunology or bioinformatics. We are a multidisciplinary team that strives to create a collaborative research environment with free flow of knowledge and ideas. Mentoring is central to our lab, so people that join the lab receive training in experimental design, data analysis, project delineation, scientific communication, time management, and leadership that will prepare you for your future endeavours.

Rotation Students

Graduate students are welcome to rotate in the lab. Experimental and computational projects are available depending on your interests and expertise. Students usually pair with a senior lab member on their research project.  Students are strongly encouraged to discuss their scientific interests with all lab members during their stay. At the end of the rotation, students will present their work in lab meeting to receive feedback from the entire team. Finally, students will participate in weekly journal clubs on systems biology, genomics and immune regulation.

Post-doctoral Fellows

We encourage applications from PhDs with a broad interest in systems biology, virology, and/or immune regulation, either experimental, computational, or both. Applications should be sent by email to Juan Fuxman Bass (fuxman[at] In your application please detail your scientific background and your main research interests. Detailed proposals are also welcome.


Highly motivated undegraduates are welcome to join the lab. Please send an email to Juan Fuxman Bass describing your scientific background and why you are interested in performing research in this lab. Please also attach your CV.

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