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Special Issue in JMB: Theory and Application of Network Biology Toward Precision Medicine

Dr. Fuxman Bass, together with Drs. Demchak and Kreisberg from UCSD, edited a special issue in the Journal of Molecular Biology on "Theory and Application of Network Biology Toward Precision Medicine."

Clinical research and medical treatments are poised to experience a dramatic change in the next decade, thanks to the advent of population-wide ‘omics profiling, electronic medical records, and artificial intelligence. The interpretation of such massive amounts of data and its relationship to disease is a major challenge when trying to make actionable predictions that can lead to effective patient-specific therapeutics. Network biology provides a conceptual framework and toolkit to integrate and interpret large datasets and to generate hypotheses about gene function, gene-disease associations, drug efficacy, and disease prognosis. The promise of network biology for the rational design of novel precision therapeutics is well reflected in the ten review and research articles in this Special Issue.

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