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Dr. Anna Berenson graduates and received the Belamarich Award!

Anna received the the Belamarich award for her doctoral dissertation titled "Paired Yeast One-Hybrid Assays to Detect DNA-Binding Cooperativity and Antagonism Across Transcription Factors". Her work not only identified cooperative DNA binding among transcription factor (TF) pairs but also revealed antagonism, a previously overlooked mechanism in TF-DNA regulation. Anna's dissertation explores the implications of TF-TF interactions in cytokine gene regulation, the impact of TF isoform variations on these interactions, and the influence of viral proteins on human TF-DNA binding. Her findings enhance our understanding of TF-DNA specificity and offer a useful tool for further investigating TF-TF relationships in transcriptional regulation. Anna will continue her career as a postdoctoral researcher under Dr. Jef Boeke at the NYU Langone Health Institute for Systems Genetics.


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